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    What are the functions of dimming glass materials?

    release time:2016-04-19  viewed:1062次
    1. Privacy protection function: The main function of intelligent dimming glass is privacy protection function, which can control the transparent and opaque state of glass at any time.
    2. Projection function: Intelligent dimming glass is also a very excellent projection hard screen. In the suitable light environment, if high lumen projector is selected, the projection imaging effect is very clear and outstanding. (Back projection imaging is recommended)
    3. It has the advantages of safety glass, including the safety performance of preventing debris splashing after rupture, and good impact strength.
    4. Environmental protection characteristics: dimming film and film in the middle of dimming glass can insulate heat and block more than 99% ultraviolet rays and more than 98% infrared rays. Shielding part of infrared radiation reduces heat radiation and transmission. Shielding ultraviolet radiation can protect indoor furnishings from fading and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation, and protect people from diseases caused by direct ultraviolet radiation.
    5. Sound insulation characteristics: the dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have sound damping effect. Partial noise barrier

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