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    All Brilliant Technology Co., Ltd (ABTECH) was established in 2002. We have been devoting in the developing and producing functional film with Polymer Dispense Liquid Crystal (PDLC) and other innovative technologies, to create future 5S green glass solution (Smart/Saving Energy/Salubrious/Security/Screen). Through these decades time, ABTECH is a leading solution provider from PDLC field in China, major PDLC supplier internationally.

    Technology Innovation:

    ABTECH inspired by our first-generation chief scientist and co-founder, Dr. Baogang WU, who invented PDLC (U.S. Patent 4617618) at Kent State University. Successor research and development team carry forward creative spirit. High transmittance rate/low haze/low voltage product was initially released one after another in industry. ABTECH has applied patents over 50, covered almost 90% of PDLC products.

    Production & Service:

    ABTECH has independently produce functional film for 15 years, which has one of largest production line in China, locate at Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu Province. There are six regional glass lamination base, capable to nationwide glass supply, and implement large-scale PDLC projects. Meanwhile, ABTECH have reginal parteners across Europe, Australia, Japan, America, South-East Asia, etc., to provide local service. Thousands of industry solutions has been made among hotel, finance, medical, education, real estate, transportation.


    Honors & Qualifications:

    ABTECH is a national high-tech enterprise for 18 years, and 10 years ISO certified enterprise. It’s STG (Switchable Transparent Glass) products have been selected as State's Key New Product Planning Project by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China. It is worth mentioning that, STG China Industry Standard JC/T 2129-2012 is drafted by ABTECH in 2011, which is a world-wide first STG products industry guidance document.

    Our product installed in the National Theatre of China trouble-free service since 2007. ABTECH is the PDLC company who has project for over 10 years in China. ABTECH’s products are widely used on various regions, from high-altitude regions (Tibet), to cold regions (Yabuli Heilongjiang province), across hot and humid countries (Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia), and among large temperature difference regions (Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates). ABTECH’s products are exported to 30 countries since 2007.


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